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Abhinav Srinivas

Sophomore at NIT Raipur

📜 Skills and Experience


HTML • CSS • TailwindCSS • Javasciprt • Svelte • SvelteKit • Solidity • ThreeJs • Firebase • Git/Github • JSON • GNU/linux


4 Successful Pull Requests • Full-Code and Documentation Contributions

▸Google Code-In

First venture into open-source • Solved 4 documentation and testing tasks

▸2 Star Codechef

Current Rating 1590

🏫 Education

▸NIT Raipur

Electronics and Communication Engineering' 25 • CPI - 8.2

▸Krishna Public School, Raipur

X - 94.8% • XII - 93%

👨🏻‍✈️ Positions of Responsibility

▸Finance and Consulting CLub

Senior Associate, Corporate Outreach

▸Interact CLub

Core team member

🌮 Projects

▸Chain Charity

•Tech Stack - TailwindCSS, Solidity, Javascript, React, Netlify
• Provides a secure and transparent way for underfunded projects to raise funds for charitable causes using blockchain technology


•Tech Stack - Tailwind CSS, Svelte, Svelte Kit, Vercel
• Email template website, designed to promote a culture of effective communication among college students


• Tech Stack - HTML, CSS, Javascript
• Web application that tests typing speed

🏆 Accomplishments

▸Zonal Topper, ZIO

Topper of the Chhattisgarh zone in ZIO. Qualified for INOI

▸Indo-Russian Student Interaction Program

Presented our project and ideas to PM Narendra Modi, and Vladimir Putin


Represent India in IESO and won an intl' Bronze Medal

▸Bronze Medal, Intl Team Field Investigation, IESO

Led a team of students from around the world and presented our ideas to a jury of judges

▸National Rank 3, NFLAT

Stood Third in National FInancial literacy test. Also received my first laptop as prize

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